Laser Rental

Laser Rental

Laser Rental, Yakamoz Yacht Charter and Organization

If you want to tell the person you love how valuable they are to you and want to do it in the most special way, Yakamoz Marriage Proposal packages are for you.

After you come to us with the idea of renting a yacht, all you have to do is specify the day and time and write the message you want. While you are under the Bosphorus Bridge with a full luxury yacht, we write your message on the Bosphorus Bridge with a laser. And you, too, experience the pleasure of watching the happiness in the eyes of the person you love.

As Yakamoz Yacht Charter and Organization, laser and writing can be rented for organizations such as a yacht tour in the Bosphorus, marriage proposal, birthday celebrations, wedding anniversary events, and can also be rented for different purposes and shows in various organizations that you desire.

Lazer Kiralama

Laser Rental
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